Tencoz Table Tennis Set

【 Easy to carry 】-this product is made of high quality polyester cotton. The packaging is packaged in PE bags. It is suitable for all kinds of table and table to play table tennis anytime and anywhere. This table tennis NET is easy to carry and easy to use.
【 Design 】-frame wave design, in line with human hand-design, stretching is more convenient and labor-saving. The large jaw has a strong biting power and is firm and non-slip. It can be installed stable on a table under 5 cm thickness. The net length can be freely contracted and is easy to carry.
【 Specifications 】-The color is grey blue, the jaw is 5 cm, the net height is 14.5 cm, the length of the mesh frame can reach 170 cm, the specification is 13.8 * 19 cm, and the weight is 340 g.
【 Easy to install 】-place the big clip of the table tennis net on the table and fix it on the table.

$ 4,900

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